Funny Signs From Around The World

Funny Signs From Around The World

Fanny ice cream is not necessarily something we would pick (despite being lesbians). But pick it we did, in Hanoi, Vietnam

Still, I’d rather Fanny ice cream than a Fanny lemon, spotted in France

Fanny lemon

Further adventures in sexualising ice cream can be found in Varanasi, India

Gaylord icecream

Just make sure you don’t spit; swallow

Spitting prohibited

In Vietnam you can ride the Superdong, a passenger ferry which takes you to Phu Quoc Island


It’s obviously well hung

Just make sure you head down to the Tela Mart, Takeo to get some good Cambodian lube

Tela mart

You can pick yourself up a cute lady, but you’ll have to get to the children’s library if it’s the gents you’re after

Just make sure you don’t do anything illegal, like breaking a coconut in the wrong place. You might get a nasty surprise

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  1. Haha. The ‘well hung’ ones are my favourite 😀
    I love Cambodia. When I was there I saw a sign saying ‘please do not backward’. 😀 It made me lol. I had to get a photo of it.

  2. Bahahaha this was the perfect post to pick to start my day!! The Superdong is my favorite! **insert laugh-cry emoji here**

  3. LOL “Cambodian lube” !!!!! Thanks for following my blog by the way!! 🙂

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