Top 10 Songs To Inspire You To Travel

Top 10 Songs To Inspire You To Travel

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WARNING: We will not be held responsible if you quit your job and buy a one way ticket after listening to these songs. But we may see you on the road if you do!

We love music when we travel. It can block out the sound in a noisy train carriage, give a well needed injection of normality in a foreign land and provide a sing-a-long sound track to your trip. There are some songs that ignite the desire for travel like nothing else. When you hear them your bag is packed, your worries are gone and you are transported to that dream destination. Here are our must have tracks to inspire you to travel:

The Road (Frank Turner): The need to keep moving will resonate with all travelers who have been home for a while in this anthemic song . Best Line “I face the horizon, the horizon is my home.”

We’ll Live And Die In These Towns (The Enemy): If you can make it through the melancholic intro without slitting your wrists. this song will make you want to quit your job and find a new life a million miles away from the one you have. Best Line “The toilets smell of desperation and the streets all echo of aggravation.”

Down Under (Men At Work): As soon as you hear that tinny, whistling intro you are transported to that Aussie camper-van adventure. Best line “He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich.”

Take Over The world (The Courteeners): Buy a ticket for you and your other half and belt that chorus out. Best line “Those eyes are only mine, what a wonderful time.”

Ocean (John Butler Trio): Get lost in this awe inspiring instrumental song and find yourself floating away to a blissful land.

Blowin’ In The Wind (Bob Dylan): You will not find the meaning of life sitting at home; chase the wind and find that answer. Best line “How many years can a mountain exist, before it is washed to the sea?”

Half The World Away (Oasis): The Royle Family theme tune will inspire you to get off your sofa, switch the TV off and find an adventure. Best line “And when I leave this island, I’ll book myself into a soul asylum”

The Escapist (The Streets): The gentle rhythm and imagery in the song transports you to a white sandy beach where all of your troubles fade. Best line “I’m not trapped in a box, I’m glancing at rocks, I’m dancing off docks.”

Maybe Tomorrow (Littlest Hobo Theme): Yes its is more cheesy that Brie but you cant help singing along with this childhood classic. Best line “There’s a world that’s waiting to unfold, a brand new tale no one has ever told.”

Guaranteed (Eddie Vedder): The beautiful lyrics in this song begin to explain how it feels to be a wanderer and what it means to be free. Best line “Wind in my hair, I feel part of everywhere.”

What do you think of these choices? what songs have inspired you to travel?

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  1. Good selection of tracks.
    I also put a song to each place I visit in my blog.
    I find the strongest way to recollect a place is by listening to music you associate with your time there.

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