Booked It, Packed It…

Booked It, Packed It…

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Finally, after what felt like the longest notice period ever, I finished work on Friday. My feelings about my job have been very up and down and it felt like a relief to be finishing. I did aeroplanes around the shop as soon as the last customer left! I was feeling pretty good; we had plans to go out with some friends and family at the weekend as a farewell so all I needed was for my passport to come.  I had applied to change it into my married name two weeks earlier and was getting impatient for it to come back so we could sort my visas and book the first of our flights.

On Saturday morning the post dropped and we were disappointed to see there was still no passport, then at lunchtime we heard the letter box open again. Thinking it was a pizza flyer my sister went to investigate and came back in saying “you’ll never guess what it is!” –  Finally my passport! Sian made me apply for my Australian visa right away, which was very straightforward to do online, and was confirmed within a few hours (£227.25pp). We got straight on Skyscanner to book our first flight – Gatwick to Hanoi on 5th March 2014 (£365pp).

We have had a house full of friends and family this weekend and lots of plans of meals and drinks out with various people, so we haven’t been able to make too much progress with our plans. We have been sneaking online in between social visits to sort our Megabus from Liverpool to London (£5pp), the train from Victoria to Gatwick (£15pp) and our visa on arrival for Vietnam (£12pp).

Hoi An

So if booking the flights and getting our plans in place has been the exciting part, the worst has to be ringing round all our utility, insurance and phone companies to cancel all of the contracts. They don’t seem to comprehend the fact that we are leaving the country, so do not have a forwarding address and sending cheques isn’t going to work. The most infuriating of course being TV licensing, who were able to tell us we are due a refund but won’t give it to us until we fill out a form detailing all the information we have already told them over the phone. Special commendations also go to EE and United Utilities for being equally useless. Although these companies all get our blood pressure up, we at least know we are off in little over two weeks, and when we are kayaking in Halong bay all this will be forgotten.

So now we have a jam packed couple of weeks, fitting in seeing everyone before we head off, selling the last of our possessions (anyone after a washing machine, car, or wedding dress – one careful lady owner..?!), packing, and nailing down a few more details of our vague plan. We know it’s going to fly by and will be time to go before we know it, but right now we just can’t wait to get to Gatwick and have the first pint of our lovely long honeymoon.

Watch out world…… the wandering wives are on their way!

Wandering Wives

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