Does Size Really Matter?

Does Size Really Matter?

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Unfortunately when packing for any trip, my motto has always been “Give me a bag and I shall fill it.” I should have this phrase tattooed on my body as a permanent reminder of my over packing urges. It is also highly likely this phrase will be inscribed on my tomb stone and eulogised by friends and family upon my passing.¬†Every trip I have ever taken, I have over packed for it. I regularly pay excess baggage at the airport for no other reason than that I had space in my bag so I packed an extra jumper, pair of shoes, dumbbell or other unneeded item.


The last time I went backpacking, I took a 70 litre backpack with a 15 litre detachable day sack. After a week in India I sent some things back home and got rid of some unneeded junk (sleeping bag, extra shirt, bike wheel, anchor etc). Oddly enough I literally felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Although with the extra space in my bag and the afore mentioned life motto, it was only a matter of time until my luggage filled up again. Of course I needed the new Beer Saigon vest, four different novels and the emergency jar of peanut butter. Why carry one guide book when you can have three? I even bought two extra bags whilst on my travels which I often used in unison with the others. Essentially I was carrying around 100 litres of junk with me every time I moved places. But this time things will be different. This time I have a plan!

I have in my possession a 40 litre backpack. That is the bag I am taking on my travels. Yes, I will fill this bag to its maximum capacity and then tie more to it and possibly bring a day bag too, but I will not carry twice my body weight with me everywhere I go. My wife has also got a 40 litre backpack, which means we are taking roughly what I took on my last trip between us. I am hoping that in getting a much smaller bag, I will fool the Gods of over packing which have cursed me so often before. Of course I have yet to pack this bag, so stay tuned for stroppy packing posts in the very near future!


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