The Plan We Made

The Plan We Made

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The plan we made

We just found the plan we made a year ago, when our lives were very different. We had no idea how much would change and what we would go through before we were able to make our dreams a reality. Sian’s mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer just after we wrote our plan. We gave up our plan, home, jobs and lives in Leicester and relocated to Liverpool. Mary passed away on 28th March 2013 and hated that she was going to miss our wedding day. This has been the most difficult year of our lives, but we have always kept this plan in mind. Now we are finally making our dreams come true. Watch out world, the wandering wives are coming!

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  1. That’s just awesome!

  2. I really love your blog, it’s really touching and inspiring, and also quite funny. Have you considered writing a book?

    • Thanks channy! This is our first attempt at writing anything other than facebook statuses since our school days. But if enough people enjoy our blog and share it with others, perhaps we could write a book!

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