Ready, Steady…Cook!

Ready, Steady…Cook!

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With six days to go until we head off on our travels we are busy organising, sorting and saying goodbye to family and friends. We still have a few piles of things which need to be classified into charity shop or rubbish. We still have three goodbye functions to attend and we still need to pack our clothes. We also have to sell our car, but we need it for all the sorting we still haven’t done.

We are trying to be as frugal as possible with money before we leave and refusing to do any shopping before our departure. Anyone who has ever been stuck between paydays or waiting for a cheque to clear will feel our pain with the choices of food we have left. There is a bit of food in the house, but not really anything to make a meal out of. We have an abundance of condiments, a fully stocked spice rack and a jar of couscous which hasn’t reduced in size since 1994, no matter how much we eat it. We also have several out of date cup-a-soups and even more Lemsips, which I am convinced will make a lovely marinade, but my wife is not so sure. Aside from this, we have the following items:

So our question is… What interesting and exciting meals can we make to use up these items? Any suggestions welcome, but fish pie is a pretty obvious choice. Maybe that tattooed single mum who writes about food banks and pops up on Sainsburys adverts cooking her left overs could help us. This is probably right up her street. Until then, or someone gives us a better suggestion I will more than likely drink the prosecco, have a bit of toast and continue working on my Lemsip marinade.

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