Armchair Advice For Travel

Armchair Advice For Travel

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Since we announced our imminent departure, we have been greeted with shock, excitement, questions and a plethora of advice from well meaning family members and friends. Here are some of the best nuggets for your digestion:

“Vietnam! Don’t go to the north, they’ve got a new leader and he’s a tyrant.” Granddad, confusing Vietnam with North Korea

“Australia! Cool, are you going to get a hat with loads of corks on?” 12 year old brother who has his priorities straight.

“Don’t let anyone put anything in your bag, ever.” Dad who has watched too many documentaries (repeated by Mum and Grannie).

“Don’t eat any local food, just eat in the hotel, it’s safe there.” Grannie.

“Take a pack of clean needles in case you get rushed to hospital and need a life saving injection and they don’t have clean needles.” Step mum.

“if you run out of money, don’t go taking drugs.” Granddad not understanding life in general.

“Do you want me to keep the tins in the cupboards until you come back or can I eat them?” Sister.

“There’s no point taking a guide book for Australia because you cant take any wood in to the country through customs. Books are made from paper which comes from trees, so I don’t think they will let you take it.” Mum.

“Don’t smoke anything unless you know the name of it.” 15 year old sister.

“Mind how you go, the world’s not as nice as it used to be” Aunty.

“You should get yourself a little pistol, I brought three back from the war.” Granddad.

We will take all of this advice on board but hopefully most of it won’t be needed!

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  1. Tom barber

    I assume that Grandad is our grandad. What a legend. Love your website. Keep updating, can’t wait to hear what you are up to.

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