$2 Haircut

$2 Haircut

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Since we arrived in Cambodia, Sian has been in desperate need of a haircut. On a good day she resembled one of the Backstreet Boys and on a bad day the love child of Justin Bieber and Professor Snape. Knowing it could be a tricky task we did not want to spend a lot in a fancy salon. Luckily in Phnom Penh we came across a barber cutting hair on the road side. Most of the customers were tuk tuk drivers and some were also getting cut throat shaves. We asked him how much, he said $2, we thought it was a great bargain so Sian jumped in the chair. It ended up being one of the most thorough haircuts ever, with excellent attention to detail. The barber took real pride in his work and was happy to take more off when asked. When he was sure that the job was done, he then began an excellent neck and shoulder massage. All in all it was easily the best $2 we have spent on our travels and we would certainly recommend a roadside barber to anyone in need of a chop!

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  1. Nice hair styles and do not forget that the professional barber in the street works Excellent

  2. looking great Sian

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