Scousers V Cambodians

Scousers V Cambodians

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It has come to our attention since living in Cambodia that the similarities between Scousers and Cambodians are uncanny. The boulevards of Phnom Penh are a million miles away from Old Swan and Wavertree high street, but this strange relationship of similarities still exists. Check out the top 5 reasons Scousers and Cambodians are “same same but different.”

5. They all love football
No matter where you are in Cambodia as soon as someone finds out you are English all they want to talk about is the premier league. Once they find out you’re from Liverpool, Steven Gerrard might as well be your brother.

4. Loads of the lads have got skinheads and dress the same
OK so monks’ robes are a little brighter than North Face trackies and they certainly smile a lot more than the lads round Dovecot shops, but that’s just a cultural thing.

3. Everyone’s a comedian
Cambodians love a joke. They laugh with you. At you. In your face when they don’t understand you.

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2. Everything on the market is knock-off
St. Johns market and the Russian market in Phnom Penh seem to exists in some sort of parallel universe. Take a wrong turn trying to buy your knock-off trainers and you end up in the fish market, where the women will gut you as soon as look at you.

And the number 1 reason Sousers and Cambodians are the same…

1. All the women wear pyjamas, all the time
Well in the villages anyway, even Cambodians wouldn’t wear their ‘jamas in town.

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  1. So funny and so true – really loved this!

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