Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

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To celebrate Sians birthday we took a hot air balloon flight at sunrise over the Gold Coast hinterland.  It was something Sian had always wanted to do and was a fantastic experience for both of us. Around ten other people shared our basket with us and we barely felt it leave the ground as it glided into the air with ease. We flew across the hinterland for half an hour, marvelling at the views and spotting kangaroos jumping below. There was even a proposal of marriage during our flight. The landing was a lot rougher than we expected, with the basket coming down hard into the side of a hill. We had been briefed on how to brace ourselves for landing and we really need to as the basket was flipped onto its side leaving us all hanging in the air! We finished the morning with a champagne breakfast at a local vineyard.

Mountain Tamborine

Tamborine Mountain Oz

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