Australia, you’re bloody lovely

Australia, you’re bloody lovely

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Having arrived in Queensland three months ago we have completely fallen in love with the place. So far Australia has completely exceeded anything we imagined. We expected the beautiful beaches, crazy creatures and spectacular sunshine but was not prepared for the unbelievable scenery.

Springbrook National Park

We never realised how mountainous and green it would be. Sure, We have seen “I’m a Celeb” but you don’t tend to think of that as Australia. There’s been plenty of dry barren desert, field after field of sugar cane, dry heat rising off the Bruce highway, but much more tropical rainforest than we expected.

We have a lot more of the country to explore after Christmas when we finish working, and we are particularly looking forward to Melbourne, Tasmania and WA, but we already know it’s going to be tough to drag ourselves away from the Gold Coast.

So here are a few snaps to illustrate why we decided to spend the summer (/winter) working on the Gold Coast.

Elephant Rock Currumbin

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