Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island

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Off the coast of Townsville lies a small island with a population of just 2500 people and some of the most beautiful bays in Queensland. Magnetic island was named by Captain Cook when his compass failed to work as he sailed by in 1770. It is home to koalas, rock wallabies and bush tailed possums as well as tropical birds and most of the island is national park. It has a very relaxed holiday feel to it and there are opportunities for walking, snorkelling and enjoying the many bays and beaches on offer.

We spent our first wedding anniversary on Magnetic Island and thought it was a beautiful place to relax. It was expensive to take Val the Van with us, so we opted to leave her in Townsville and took advantage of one of the many deals combining accommodation, ferry crossing and car hire. We stayed in a modest motel, The Arcadia but we treated ourselves to the buffet breakfast, a beautiful meal and some cocktails at the luxurious Peppers Resort, enjoying views of the marina. We ordered a bottle of fizz with our meal and had to laugh when it arrived as it was called ‘Emily,’ we didn’t ask but we are pretty sure they didnt have a ‘Sian.’

We had a little topless car which we used to zip around the islands short stretch of roads and visit the bays. It was quite fun to drive, if a little embarrassing, and any other tourists driving the same cars would wave as we passed on the roads. We had hoped to do some snorkelling but Emily had not yet recovered from the injury she sustained to her leg. Instead we had a lovely relaxing time, soaking up the beautiful bays and crystal clear waters.

On the day we were due to leave, we packed our bags and headed down to Peppers Resort for one last fancy breakfast before we were due to catch the ferry. This was the morning of our actual wedding anniversary and Sian surprised Emily with a paper receipt (paper is the traditional gift for one year of marriage) for an extra night staying in an apartment at the luxurious resort. The hotel arranged an early check in for us and we had a lovely 24 hours, lazing by the pool, cooking in the kitchen and watching films on TV, little luxuries we had missed staying in the van for so long.

The following day we caught the ferry and headed back to Townsville with some great memories of Magnetic Island and our wonderful, wandering, first year of marriage.

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