Remember You’re A Wombat

Remember You’re A Wombat

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To the west of Sydney lies Kangaroo Valley, but this blog post is not about Kangaroos, it’s about Wombats!

Bendeela Reserve is a free camp site and by far the most beautiful we have stayed at. The road to Bendeela is a twisting, turning descent through the forest into a stunning valley. Kangaroos bound in the neighbouring fields and dare to venture on to the road at dusk. Flanked by large mountains, a huge flat oval sits along side the river banks. It is free to camp here and plenty of families were taking advantage of this beauty spot, kayaking in the river and enjoying the view.

Kangaroo Valley camping

When we arrived at the camp we met a lady we had camped with previously. She told us about the wombats in the area and how they like to scratch themselves against campervans at night, making the van rock from side to side.

As the sun began to fade we were lucky enough to spot our first ever wild wombat! Native to Australia, the nocturnal fury pig like creatures are slow moving and love to eat. We observed her for sometime before we noticed a baby wombat following her. We looked on as they munched on grass as the sunset beyond the reaches of the valley.

As we settled down for the night we could hear the wombats grunting to one another. As predicted, we were woken by a gentle rocking of the van, as a wombat scratched himself up against the wheel arch. We went out with our torches and saw a huge wombat foraging around in the grass.

Bendeela Reserve is a fantastic, free Ozzy experience which we would highly recommend.

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  1. Thanks for the post, I’ve had Bendeela on our bucket list for quite awhile, maybe next time.

  2. I love wombats with their little waffle noses. When I grew up I was going to have a wombat ranch and be surrounded by them (never happened but I can still dream). Love this post!!!!

  3. So tender! Thanks for your find and congrats for your interesting site. Best wishes double <3

  4. SO freaking cute!!!

    • I know right! sadly just recently a lot of these wombats were killed by a drunken ‘brute in a ute’ driver who deliberately ran them over. So sad.

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