Waterfall Way

Waterfall Way

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The waterfall way is an inland road which runs through the New England National Park from Bellingen to Armindale connecting a series of routes to large waterfalls. We had no need to travel on this road, in fact it was out of our way to do so, but for the epic scenery we encountered it was well worth the detour.

After a night of free camping at Thora we took an early morning drive through the clouds to Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, passing Newell and Sherrard Falls on the way. At Dorrigo we made our breakfast at a quiet spot on a plateau known as the glade picnic area. We we surprised to look up at one point to find the cloud had come in and surrounded the area. We enjoyed an undisturbed breakfast for two amongst the clouds, listening to the sounds of the rainforest.

After breakfast we got ready for a rainforest hike. Whilst Sian was checking Emily’s shoes for bugs, Emily realised she was being feasted on by a blood sucking leech. Whilst most people would have been freaked out by this, we had already dealt with a plague of leeches whilst in Chi Phat, Cambodia. Like a seasoned pro Emily dispatched the leech with ease and we got on with our hike.

We completed a misty 6.5 km walk through the rainforest which took us to two stunning waterfalls, Crystal Shower Falls and Tristania Falls. The star being Crystal Shower Falls which passes over a rocky cavern, enabling us to walk behind the waterfall. When our hike was finished the clouds had made way for a dream-like blue sky and we were able to view the entire rainforest from above the canopy on the Dorrigo Skywalk.

After lunch we drove through the countryside to the epic two tiered Ebor Falls before turning back towards Dorrigo. Our last waterfall of the day was the breathtaking Dangar Falls.

Although we only travelled a small section of the waterfall way, we found the natural beauty of the area to be outstanding. Many people bypass this inland route when heading along the coast and miss out on this experience. We spent the whole day oohing, ahhing and woweeing at the sheer scale and beauty of the waterfalls. We would highly recommend anyone passing by to spend a day or two off the coast getting back to nature in this area.

Dorrigo National Park

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  1. how do you get rid of a leech!?

  2. Wow this place looks really cool! Nice photos of the waterfall 😀 And good work with the leech!

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