Sydney Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras

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When we first planned our trip to Australia, attending the Sydney Lesbian And Gay Mardi Gras parade was high on our ultimate Ozzy bucket list. For those of you that don’t know, it is one of the largest celebrations of LGBT pride and attended by hundreds of thousands of people each year. What began life as a gay rights march in 1978 has grown into a glorious celebration of LGBT people, their friends and families. There are sports teams, drag queens, HIV charities, mental health services, LGBT family groups as well representatives from the emergency services and armed forces.

The parade does maintain its political routes with many floats this year calling for long overdue marriage equality laws to be introduced in Australia. During the parade we befriended a couple just like ourselves, who where actually having a baby together. It was moving to see how much they cheered during the calls for marriage equality and made us reflect on the equality now present in the UK. In short, it is not that we are lucky to have equality, it is that they are being discriminated against and opressed by the views of a minority.

Just like the rights that were marched for in 1978; equality will win in Australia. It always has and it always will. You might be late to the party this time, but you will love it when you arrive!

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  2. Living near Louisiana I ignorantly never imagined Mardi Gras occurring in other places. Feel a bit silly now.. Enjoy your blog, keep up the living and loving. .

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