Gippsland Wilderness

Gippsland Wilderness

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Crossing the border from New South Wales into Victoria we navigated the rural plains and vast lakes of Gippsland.

Our first stop was a steep hike and rocky scramble to the top of Genoa Peak. We caught our breath at the top and enjoyed the awe inspiring views across the Croajingalong national park.

Genoa Peak climb

As we headed further south the weather became much cooler. We set up camp on the banks of a very windy Lake Wellington and began to cook. With some creative wind breaks, we defied nature and successfully cooked up a hearty stew to warm us up.

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  1. The views are amazing!

    • A lot of people miss this stretch out, we are glad we went and climbed up Genoa Peak for the panoramic views. It was hard work though! Thanks for your comment, we hope you enjoy our posts.

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