Mad About Melbourne

Mad About Melbourne

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We recently spent two weeks in Melbourne and enjoyed it so much we are planning to return.

Melbourne is a vibrant city, a melting pot crammed full of street art, coffee shops and quirky eateries. Where trendy young men are required by law to have either a beard or a top knot and female hipsters must wear at least one item belonging to their grandmother in every outfit. Trousers must remain a minimum of three inches from shoes at all times and quinoa is viewed as a major food group. All that aside, we found ourselves falling in love with the lane ways and coffee shop lifestyle, not to mention the English style pubs. We caught up with some old friends and somehow managed to eat Chinese food four meals in a row.

We visited during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and were fortunate enough to watch some excellent comedians. We saw a great variety of acts, from small sketch show gigs in pubs for $5 right up to Adam Hills in the Athenaeum Theatre. One of the fun parts of the whole festival experience was hanging around outside the town hall trying to choose a show to see. The comedians gathered there trying to sell the remaining seats for their show and did a great job at persuading us to see them. We stumbled across The Stevenson Experience in this way and where pleasantly surprised by their unique style of comedy cabaret. Another highlight for us was American comic DeAnne Smith. We sat on the front row for her show and did a terrible job of crowd participation whenever we where called upon! The real star of the festival for us was eclectic sad sack Hannah Gadsby. For some reason her manically depressed, socially inept lesbian humour really struck a chord with us and has us laughing for days.


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  1. I have lived in Australia (QLD/Brisbane) for 11 years. Melbourne is my favourite city. I like Adelaide and Sydney as well but you have covered a lot in a short time. Thanks for the Aussie tour. 🙂

    • Wandering Wives

      We visited Melbourne another twice more while we were in Australia, but haven’t had chance to write about it! It was our favourite city in Australia too.

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  3. Thanks for directing me here! Funny post: man buns and granny clothes! Love it! The street art pics are pretty awesome, too! Safe travels, ladies! 🙂

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  5. L lived in Melbourne years ago – back in the 70s (early 70s) – with my Grandparents and Aunts. I remember them shooing me outside at 5:00 in the morning with a shovel to fight with neighbors for the fresh horse manure that was dropped by the horse pulling the milk truck (Great for the rose gardens, I suppose – but why couldn’t they go out and shovel it?). Boy things have changed.
    Love your blog!!!!!!!

  6. So glad you guys loved my home town! Had to laugh about the hipsters comment, so true.

  7. Awww good old Melbs. Never really appreciated just how great it was till I left. Typical lol.

  8. I loved Melbourne too! I think it would be a fantastic city to live in, I loved the culture and food! I’m looking forward to exploring more of your blog 🙂

    • Thanks Kimberley, we hope you continue to enjoy our posts. We ended up back in Melbourne 3 times during our year in Australia, it’s so gorgeous!
      Happy travels
      Sian & Emily

  9. Love your blog and thanks for stopping by mine. I’ve just started my blog and am thankful for your support! Keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully we will see each other around!

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