Central Australia: Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

Central Australia: Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

Deep in the red centre of Australia, rising from the flat desert plain are more than 30 giant domed rocks which form Kata Tjuta. The aboriginal name means ‘many heads’ and the impressive geological feature reaches almost 550 metres into the sky.

the olgas

Aboriginal dreamtime legends focus on the great king snake Wanambi, who lives at the summit of the highest dome. He ventures down during the dry season, carving out a path between the rocks.

We hiked the 7km walk through the valley of the winds and were surprised by the almost lunar landscape. There is an eerie stillness in the air that hangs over Kata Tjuta. The people, culture and traditions that have passed through this region feel close enough to reach out and touch. As we made our way through the domes a real sense of wonder took over. We were filled with questions about aboriginal life and the people who had lived here. Our tour guide Sam was more than happy to provide the answers and shared with us a deep understanding of traditional life and how it came to change. He taught us about traditional hunting practices and how much respect there was for the land and the bounty it provided. We learnt a lot from Sam and had a real sense of the traditional owners of the region reaching out and telling us their stories.

We were on a 6 day Rock 2 Water tour of the red centre from Alice Springs to Adelaide with Groovy Grape, booked and arranged by Backpackers World Travel.

view of the olgas


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  1. Wonderful photos of awesome scenery. I love the dreamtime legend and the idea of the great king snake, Wanambi, carving out the valleys. It’s good to see your lovely smiling faces. You were certainly having a lot of fun.

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  3. I really enjoyed visiting here last year….Ironically my blog this week has been about that visit. We must be on the same wave length! 🙂

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  5. I love the dreamtime legends. They truly resonant with me. Thank you for sharing, and for the follow. I look forward to learning more about your travels!

  6. Amazing photos in an amazing country <3

  7. Stunning photos

  8. Great photos. They prove the name ‘The Red Centre’ So much red!

    And a 7km hike!

  9. Awesome photos, I wish someday I get to go to Australia lol

  10. OMG amazing photos. What a time you both are having.

  11. Great pictures!
    I will visit this place when I have another chance to visit Australia.

  12. Sounds amazing, great photos.

  13. Great photos once more and cute picture of the two of you…

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