Hard Days Night

Hard Days Night

Do you want to know a secret? The latest addition to the prestigious Wandering Wives Lust List is the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool. The fab four star hotel is ideally located in the centre of the city and boasts of being the only Beatles inspired hotel in the world.

Hard Days night sign

It’s important to mention that despite being perfectly capable of belting out Hey Jude at four in the morning with the best of them, we’re not actually huge fans of the Beatles. That’s not to say we dislike them, having lived in Liverpool we actually have a few links to the band. Not claim to fame type links of course, more coincidental than something to shout about. Emily used to work in Boots on Penny Lane and Sian spent most of her childhood playing on the Yellow Submarine at the garden festival site (her aunty also once claimed she could have married Paul McCartney. Really? Yes, if he’d asked her). When we were invited to stay at the hotel, as we aren’t Beatles super-fans, we were worried the concept might be a little lost on us. We had also never stayed in a themed hotel before and thought it might be a little, well, naff. We decided no matter how cheesy it was, we had no choice but to go with the flow, just let it be and see our stay through to the end.

Hard days night lobby

From the moment we arrived our worries about the hotel were swept away. A smartly dressed doorman greeted us outside the grade II listed building and ushered us through the door, which was sadly not a revolver. We climbed the stairs and found ourselves in the lobby of a grand building, dating back to 1884. A huge sparkling tree lit up the reception area, the doorman nodded to the tree, “Christmas time (is here again).” “Yes it is” we replied in unison. The friendly receptionist, Michelle, checked us in and explained how to navigate our way through a tricky locked door on the way to our room. All we had to do was hold the key card to the lock, twist and shout, then the door would open. We followed the long and winding road to our modern and spacious room which was as swanky as a savoy truffle. The huge comfy bed was a great place to spend a day in the life of a paperback writer/travel blogger.

The hotel is located next to Matthew Street, where the Beatles began their career playing in the infamous Cavern club. Visitors can come together in one of the bars over a few drinks and relive the glory days of the 1960’s. For die-hard fans, there are Beatles memorabilia shops and the popular Beatles Story at the Albert dock. There are also statues in the area, of John Lennon and Eleanor Rigby. If you’re a day tripper, you could get a ticket to ride and venture here, there and everywhere on a magical mystery tour of iconic Beatles destinations around Liverpool. Just make sure you get back in time to sample the wonderful food at Blakes restaurant.

Blakes restaurant entrance

Before dinner we enjoyed Beatles themed cocktails at the hotel bar. It was peak time, three cool cats were enjoying a sumptuous afternoon tea and baby’s in black were ordering birthday cocktails. The staff were clearly rushed off their feet waiting tables and doing the hippy hippy shake with the finest cocktail ingredients. One of our drinks was accidentally muddled up by our waitress, Julia. Pleasingly, she quickly rectified the mistake and applied a discount to our bill “Thank you girl” we said, “That means a lot.” Our drinks were superb, like a taste of honey and really whetted our appetite for dinner in the restaurant.

Wandering Wives cocktail

The adjoining Blakes restaurant is a fabulously classy affair with huge light fittings and cosy booths. We visited before seven and dined from the early bird menu, which offers three courses for under £15. As it was early the restaurant was quite empty except for a table at the front where the Sheik of Araby was dining with some other guy. Which was surprising because the papers had reported he was back in the U.S.S.R. Anyway, we selected a comfy booth near the back of the restaurant and perused the menu over a glass of red. Lovely Rita, our waitress, was happy to answer our questions about cayenne pepper, the wild honey pie and what exactly was in an octopus’s garden salad. We ordered starters of smoked salmon salad and chicken liver parfait which tasted divine. Our mains were chicken supreme and mushroom risotto, when Rita brought them over she asked the simple question “Are you the chicken?” Naturally Sian replied in the only way possible “No, I am the walrus.” She was not the walrus, nor had she ever been the walrus, she was actually the risotto. Rita laughed at the terrible joke and we watched her carry that weight with her all night long, the poor girl. Our deserts were equally delicious, festive mince pie and a rich chocolate and amaretto tart. Dining at Blakes was a fantastic experience, the food was divine and the staff were always on hand to help! Visitors should bear in mind Blakes is closed on a Monday, leaving it two days short of the usual eight days a week opening schedule that is standard across the universe. Aside from that, every little thing was wonderful and we will definitely be dining there again.

After dinner we retired to our room and settled in for the night and the two of us whispered words of love to each other before saying goodnight and falling into golden slumbers. Emily had a really strange dream about a taxman and a teddy boy who were sliding down a helter skelter into a sour milk sea during September in the rain. Aside from that, we slept well and woke feeling as free as a bird and ready to enjoy a hearty breakfast at Blakes.

As we said goodbye, we felt pretty happy remembering our yesterday at the hard days night hotel.

Congratulations to Michelle McCabe who won our competition and will be enjoying afternoon tea for four at the Hard Days Night Hotel. She found all 59 Beatles songs hidden in this post. 

If searching for the hidden Beatles songs has worn you out, you probably need a little holiday. Reward yourself by booking a stay at Hard Days Night, use our nifty yellow search box to find prices now.


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