Fruit + Fibres Canteen

Fruit + Fibres Canteen

Our newest addition to the Wandering Wives Lust List is the wonderfully quirky Fruit + Fibres Canteen and Craft Workshop in Liverpool. This crafty café is situated in the heart of the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool’s creative hub. Fruit + Fibres serves great value, hearty and wholesome food served with a generous side of crafting, in cosy and familiar setting.

Fruit and Fibres canteen

There were five words that brought us to Fruit + Fibres: All You Can Eat Scouse. For anyone not from Liverpool we should quickly explain, scouse is traditional Liverpool dish. It usually takes the form of a thick stew and is served with crusty bread and pickled vegetables (even before this was trendy). To the people of Liverpool, who are affectionately known as scousers, a bowl of scouse is a fondly treasured home comfort that carries the memories of a thousand family meals. Scousers are fiercely proud of their locally dish and there is even a Global Scouse Day celebrated on each year on February 28th. Most scousers have childhood memories of having their bellies warmed by a eating of bowl of their Nan’s scouse. Or of returning home from a hard day at work to find their house filled with the rich meaty smell of a pan of scouse bubbling away on the stove. With a regional dialect almost as thick as the dish itself, the term ‘pan of scouse’ is pronounced panna-scouse, but it is in no way related to panna-cotta.

Pan of scouse

Anyway, back to those five words: All You Can Eat Scouse! Fruit + Fibres offer three varieties of scouse, traditional mutton, liverbird (chicken) and blind scouse for vegetarians. For £4.50 you can grab a huge bowl served with bread and pickled red cabbage. If you’re feeling extra hungry, or just fancy a challenge you can enjoy an unlimited scouse buffet for just £7.50. The current record stands at an impressive four bowls with three slices of bread. We managed one bowl each at lunch time and were stuffed until the evening, so kudos to the brave soul holding that record.

Scouse bar

Fruit + Fibres also serves breakfasts, sandwiches, soups and curries with ever changing daily specials as well as delicious cakes supplied by Buttons Bakehouse. Cosy sofas, eclectic furniture and friendly staff make any visit a real delight. The venue also doubles up as a crafting workshop, with beading, paper-craft and knitting sessions popping up on empty tables. The homely environment is a perfect place to learn a new skill, get crafting advice or just kick back with a ball of yarn and hide form the world outside. Fruit + Fibres also have a separate room available to hire for meetings and meals. The Parlour is a lovingly restored version of your childhood memories of your Grandparents backroom and was decorated for Christmas during our visit. A little peak inside was enough to make us spend the rest of the day inventing reasons to hold a function there.

If we’ve inspired you to visit to Liverpool and try a panna-scouse for yourself, search for the latest hotel deals using our nifty yellow search box.

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  1. I’ve learned something too. Saw a car only yesterday with the number plate SCOU5E.

  2. Hmm…I learned something here! Looking up scouse recipes as soon as I’m done posting this comment. Minnesota is a long way from Liverpool!

    • Wandering Wives

      Great idea, it’s so easy to make. We usually put it in the slow cooker in the morning and leave it all day. Yum! Just what you need on a cold winters day. Enjoy!

  3. Looks a really cool indie cafe to hang out at

    • Wandering Wives

      It is really quite lovely 🙂 we are moving to Liverpool so will be spending a lot of time here on the wifi and eating scouse while we are renovating the house!

  4. Sadly our UK visit won’t include Liverpool this time. It’s a place we’ve wanted to see so hopefully we will, and we’ll definitely check this place out. Looks lovely.

    • Wandering Wives

      Liverpool is an awesome city, definitely worth the trip when you get chance. We were lucky enough to get a sponsored stay at the Hard Days Night Beatles themed hotel, which was a fun experience!

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