Finding Cheap Flights & Accommodation Deals

Finding Cheap Flights & Accommodation Deals

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We often get asked how we can afford to travel so much. The truth is, there is no big secret. We work when we need to, we try to live cheaply and shop around to find the best deals on flights and accommodation. This method takes a little longer but if you travel as frequently as we do, you can save a small fortune!

Everyone loves a bargain, and there is nothing worse than finding out you could have saved money on your flight or accommodation if you had just booked it through another company. We’ve spent the last two years travelling the globe staying in a variety of different types of accommodation, from luxury hotels to budget hostels, we even spent the night sleeping in hammocks in the jungle! One thing we have always tried to do is search online for the best deals to ensure we get the best possible price.

Before we book our accommodation we research the area as much as possible to have an idea of where we want to locate ourselves during our stay. On a city break we usually like to be close to the main attractions, but sometimes it can work out cheaper to stay a little further away from the action and use local transport to access the city. As well as using our trusted Lonely Planet we also check online resources and local tourist information as well as getting valuable tips from other travellers.

For the best deals on flights we always start with Skyscanner which searches all of the main airlines. Skyscanner lets you search for flights during large time frames or whole months, allowing you to select the cheapest fare during your travel time frame. We have recently started to use a new comparison site called Skypicker. This has a great map feature that shows different prices for different airports, this is really useful for people with a flexible itinerary. It is easy to see the cheapest airport in a whole country, which could significantly lower the cost of your trip. You should also try to double check any prices with the airlines own site, just to make sure you get the lowest possible price.

When it comes to booking accommodation we try to search on several different sites at the same time. Each has different rates and offers so it is possible to find the same room at a cheaper price. When we booked our five star honeymoon, we found the hotel we wanted to stay at, checked the rates on the hotel’s own website and compared them on the main accommodation booking sites. As it was an expensive hotel and we were staying for two weeks, we saved ourselves around £100 just by shopping smartly.

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Expedia is a good site to use when searching for accommodation. In our experience, we usually find cheaper priced rooms on Agoda or, which has every level of accommodation from five star villas to 25 bed dorm rooms. also tailor offers towards you, so the more you book through them, the more you are likely to save in the future. If you are looking for last minute accommodation you should also try LateRooms, a site specialising in, well, late rooms!

For cheap price hostels sites like hostel world or hostel bookers are a good place to look, they both specialise in budget accommodation. For luxury hotels and boutique B&B’s we always check Mr and Mrs Smith. They have a collection of exquisite accommodation across the globe and members also receive extras like champagne on arrival! Mr and Mrs Smith also provide good member discounts during quieter times, we have managed to secure some amazing stays for very low prices by using their reward vouchers wisely.


There are no secret tricks for saving money on your travels, but if you travel as often as we do, shopping around could save you a small fortune. Remember to check, check and check again and if you find any amazing deals, let us know!

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  1. Informative post, thank you. We turn to Skyscanner when looking for flights, and now that we’re “retired” we have the flexibility to be selective with our travel dates. I’d like to find a similar site for trains/buses etc. I use Expedia/Trip Advisor and the like to get the low down on accommodation, always balancing the negative with the positive reviews. I always try the hotel’s own website for price because they have to pay 15% commission to the booking sites. Usually I’ll phone them to talk about tariff and preferred room and often we’ll get a better deal because of the personal approach. Cheers, Sue.

  2. I will need to let my husband know about Skyscanner since he flies so much.

  3. Very helpful information to have, so thanks for sharing how you two make your arrangements!

  4. Thanks for the information, we are planning a trip to Europe at the moment, so will be checking out your recommendations.

  5. It’s always good to hear how others plan their travel and what sites they use…thank you.

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