Our European Plans For 2016

Our European Plans For 2016

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After two whole years of being permanently on the road, meeting amazing people and seeing some of the most awe inspiring places, we have finally returned to the UK. But don’t worry, our adventures are not over! We will be continuing to wander from our new base in Liverpool, England and hope to spend 2016 exploring more awesome destinations closer to home.

It is actually quite embarrassing how little of Europe we have seen. During our time in Australia, locals often remarked on how much more of their county we had seen than they had, yet most of them had visited more European countries than us. It seems that the further away a destination is from home, the more appeal it has to travellers. During our whole lives growing up and living in the UK, we never realised how lucky we were. There are thousands of outstanding tourist attractions within easy access, right on our doorstep. The UK is teaming with national parks, heritage buildings, cool cities, museums, galleries, historical sites and miles of coastline and waterways to explore. Cheap flights to mainland Europe mean that amazing city breaks are within easy reach, even on a tight budget. Having travelled long-hall and been so far away from our families for two years, we are more than happy to begin exploring destinations closer to home. It is so much cheaper to travel around Europe than it was in Australia, we can’t wait to start scoring cheap car hire deals and finding money saving options on short flights with budget airlines. We might even grab a European rail pass or even look into travelling Europe by bus.  We’re looking forward to exploring cities we haven’t yet visited and ticking more Europe destinations off our never ending bucket list.

We hope to spend some time in Spain during 2016, we love the beaches, relaxed lifestyle and cosmopolitan cities. We have always wanted to visit Barcelona and have no idea why we have never done it. We hope we are able to make it there this year to see the famous Gaudi architecture and wander the streets hand in hand.

In April we are traveling to Hamburg for a luxury city break (our favourite kind of city break). Then we will be joining the press team at L-Beach festival in Oldenburg. We will be bringing you all the action from Europe’s biggest indoor women’s festival, where around 4,000 ladies get together for a weekend of partying.

We are really looking forward to spending a few days camping at LFEST in July. LFEST is a UK lesbian festival featuring music, arts and comedy. Tickets are a steal at just £99 for the weekend if you fancy joining in the fun.

Aside from our travels, we have another project to keep us busy during 2016. We have finally managed to buy a house! Our three bedroom, red brick terrace from 1896 has huge rooms, high ceilings and some beautiful original features. It also has rotten windows, dodgy electrics, an ancient heating system, no bathroom and a wide variety of artex patterns covering almost every wall. It is fair to say that our house will keep us pretty occupied over the next year as we transform it from a derelict wreck to a cosy family home. We will be documenting our progress in our usual comedy style on our new blog Fix Up 48, be sure to check it out!

Fix Up 48

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  1. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award ! Please go check out the rules on my blog !
    xx S


  2. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a marvellous adventure, but you’re right: The UK has an awful lot to offer in many ways and you won’t get a better curry anywhere else in the world ( OK, maybe India). Trust me: we’ve tried!!!
    And yes, you MUST go to Barcelona and visit La Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera: they will simply blow your minds.

    Congratulations on the purchase of your home and I hope you’ll enjoy all the renovation work. Good luck. 👍👍👍

  3. Sounds like great travel plans, as well as solid plans for your new home! I’d love to see some photos of the inside as you work on rehabbing the place, so I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts in 2016.

  4. I would love to spend time travelling in England! You have so much history and beauty on that tiny island. I’m in Canada.

  5. Ooh good plans. Barcelona is brilliant. Definitely somewhere we want to go back to together, having both been separately.
    Hopefully see you both at L-Fest too 🙂

  6. Congratulations on buying a house – how did you manage that I wonder! Looking forward to your other wanderings.

  7. Good luck with the house, we’re still working on ours after returning from France. Just make sure you enjoy the work and take breaks to regroup. I look forward to seeing how it goes.


  8. Having also realised that ‘staycations’ can be just as exciting and adventurous as going to foreign lands, I can’t wait to read your travel stories. We are fortunate in the UK to have such a diverse landscape and culture. Flying to Barra was a particularly memorable trip, and I hear good things said about the about the Scilly Isles. Good luck with the renovation too – I love red brick houses.

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