Doorways Of Paris

Doorways Of Paris

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Doorway in Paris

On our recent visit to Paris we were surprised by the beautiful architecture of the city. Large buildings with huge overhanging balconies proudly line the streets. One of the things we found most captivating were the colourful, imposing doorways into the buildings. Shabby and glorious all at once, the doorways of Paris tell the story of generations of Parisians who have passed through them. From grand duchesses and men of the cloth to writers, dancers and artists, the doorways bring to life the history of the people of Paris. We took the time to stand for a while and watch the comings and goings through the doorways of Paris and viewed all manner of life being played out under the arches of the elegant doors. Here are some of our favourite Parisian doorways.

Pretty French door

Paris doorway

Paris door

Doorway Paris

Door Paris

Door Paris France

Doorways of Paris

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  1. Paris seems like a dream come true!! I so badly want to visit and check out all the amazing art and architecture – and just by looking at the door way I can imagine how beautiful it might be! šŸ™‚

  2. These are good. I take pics of doors all the time too.

  3. Love this, great idea! I find beautiful doors everywhere as well

  4. Good photos! I have an obsession with French windows, especially in Procence: I’m always photographing them.

  5. It is indeed a very attractive city. I have been there twice. I hated it the first time, and really liked it the second time around

  6. I love doors. Doors in Paris are even better. Thanks for the lovely post.

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