Flighthub’s Guide To Running Wild In Canada

Flighthub’s Guide To Running Wild In Canada

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Guest Post:

Our friends at FlightHub are here to convince you that Canada really is the best place to visit on the planet. Whether you prefer glacial mountains, metropolitan city breaks or unleashing your inner rodeo clown, Canada really does have it all.

Canada has a reputation for being the home of overly polite and apologetic people (sorry, only half of this statement is true, thanks). We’re not sure why, but people often wrongly assume that Canada isn’t fun. So when the New York times finally called Canada cool, we all felt pretty smug, and a little relieved. It seems our awesome music has finally infiltrated the rest of the globe and people are loving it (yes, there is more to the Canadian music scene than Justin Bieber, Celine Dion and Bryan Adams). So now we have your attention and have been officially certified “Cool”, not just polite and apologetic (did we already mention that? Sorry), FlightHub reviews all the reasons why visiting the Great White North should be the next stop on your bucket list.

Wait, what’s there to do in Canada?

A lot. We’re a country that borders two oceans, and literally everything in between. From the Atlantic, enjoy cities like Halifax, or St. John’s for that authentic East Coast vibe. Indulge in the most awesome seafood (you can pick up fresh lobster at the Halifax International Airport), surfing, beach lounging, and the quintessential Canadian heritage experience. Whether you’re a fan of Anne of Green Gables, or if you want to see Peggy’s Cove, the East Coast has it all for you.


On the West side, time seems to move a little slower, and everything seems to be a little bit greener. Known to many Canadians as Beautiful British Columbia, this reputation stems from the province’s ability to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Known as the “kingdom of abundance,” see glacier mountains that overlook major metropolitan cities that lie just below it, or wander through century-old rainforests that remain untouched. Whether you’re an outdoorsy type, or prefer the arts, visiting cities like Vancouver allows visitors the unique opportunity to dive in, head first, into Canadian history and heritage.

Ain’t no party like a Stampede party

During the month of July, Calgary becomes home to Canada’s largest annual rodeo. Founded in 1886 as an exhibition at first, then growing into what we now know as Stampede proper in 1912, this 104 year old Canadian tradition is stronger than ever. With over 1.16 million visitors attending the stampede in 2015, this is one party you don’t want to miss. From outdoor concerts, to chuckwagon races, and finally the evening of the Grandstand show, Stampede is unlike any other Canadian party you’ll ever see. Make sure to back your best western garb, or pick up some good ol’ fashion cowboy boots while you’re there and learn the two-step while you’re there.


I want the great outdoors

Ok, so you’re not really a beach or rodeo type? That’s ok. We think you’ll find all your outdoor needs met in Banff National Park where the iconic and world-renowned Lake Louise calls home. The park was established in 1885 and in 2015 welcomed over 3.6 million visitors. To put that in perspective, that’s a tenth of the entire Canadian population visiting this park. Whether you’re looking to canoe and swim in the crystal clear lakes, or relax in the Upper Hot Springs, Banff National Park is the place to be.


Bring on that city life

With all that outdoor action, it’s time to take a break and run wild in the concrete jungles of Canada’s major metropolitan areas. Want to have a slice of multiculturalism in your urban adventure? Then make your way to Montreal, known as Canada’s playground. Dine at world-renowned restaurants, party at international clubs and bars, hang around at some of Canada’s oldest monuments and parks, and just soak in the Montrealais lifestyle of le joi de vivre.

So don’t delay, book your trip to Canada today!

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