The Best Lesbian Festivals In Europe

The Best Lesbian Festivals In Europe

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As spring approaches, flowers start to bloom, birds sing in the trees, the sun rises earlier and lesbians all over Europe begin to crawl out from under their duvets looking for something more exciting than vegan quiches, DIY and joint cat rescue. We don our multifunctional sports sandals, grab our all weather gear and take tentative steps towards the great outdoors. As everyone knows, whether you happen to be L, G, B, T, or any other as yet undefined letter of your own god damn alphabet, collectively the Gays love a party and summer is our time to shine. With a pride event in every major city during the warmer months, we even get government funded time away from the workplace to enjoy ourselves (stop complaining, it’s like maternity leave but way more fun). The summertime life of your average lesbian is usually spent partying and flag waving all over Europe.

Not really! We actually need a holiday just as much as the next letter of the alphabet, we don’t all wear sensible shoes and some of us even have our own babies now! When it comes to LGBT Pride events, we still love them, but we’ve kind of been there, done that, got the rainbow coloured t-shirt. We love the cardio from marching in the parades, but sometime we just want to be gay without being so bloody proud about it. We want to be ashamed. So how does a self-respecting lesbian wave her flag of shame to the world whilst actually enjoying herself? The answer….. A Lesbian Festival! That’s right, a festival full of lesbians. Ok so it sounds a bit like pride but with less leather, glitter and testosterone and way more sports bras, tent envy and pet friendly venues. But we’ve scouted out the best lesbian festivals for 2016, and we can’t wait to give them a try.

L Fest



July 15th-18th Staffordshire, UK priced from £99
L Fest, the only lesbian festival in the UK is going from strength to strength. Now in its sixth year the festival showcases the best in music, art, and comedy and is enjoyed by lesbians of all ages. L Fest is a true festival, with camping included in the ticket price although glamping and hotels are available for those who don’t know their guy ropes from their polyurethane coating. The festival has specific meet ups for singles and also caters for families, providing a range of activities and childcare options. The 2016 headliner has just been announced as none other than lesbian icon and heartthrob Heather Peace! We can also announce that Wandering Wives (that’s us) will be attending the event as press and may even get to smell her as she saunters by in one of her beautifully jaunty outfits. Don’t worry we’re binge watching Lip Service in preparation for a chance meeting with the Peace Maker. Let us know if you are planning to attend L Fest and would like to share a beer and go all fan girl with us.

Heather Peace

L Fest Del Mar

May 20th – 27th La Manga, Spain from £145
L Fest is so amazing it now has its own spin off festival in Spain. With European DJ’s, boat parties, cocktails, water-sports and plenty of beach fun, L Fest Del Mar could be just the kind of summer holiday you need. Ticket price does not include accommodation or flights, so don’t forget to budget for those little essentials.


April 21st -24th Weissenhauser Strand, Germany from around £100
At L-Beach on the shores of north Germany, 4,000 women get together to enjoy an amazing weekend of partying, flirting, music, movies and workshops. 2016 promises to be better than ever with Peaches headlining the festival and performances from Miss Platnum, Wallis Bird and our new BFF Heather Peace. There are disco nights, karaoke sessions, speed dating and a very interesting sounding improv/theatre workshop “How To Become A Lesbian Icon” by Billa Christie. Hhhhmmmmm wonder if Heather is going? Don’t be stupid, she’s probably already been. Oh ok. Maybe we should go though? Just for research purposes, of course. If you’re heading to L-Beach and fancy becoming the next lesbian icon, be prepared to fight us for it!

Ola Girls

Barcelona, Lisbon & Budapest from £379
Ola Girls began life as a lesbian festival but in 2016 it takes a turn into sophistication, offering fancy city breaks with a gaggle of European lesbians, what’s not to love? The organisers say you will discover new cities and cultures surrounded by women that share the same values: community, friendship, quality, fun and genuineness. There are city breaks planned in 2016 for Barcelona, Lisbon and Budapest with a range of activities planned to make the most of these fantastic destinations. So if you’re a sophisticated saphic Sally, hook up with the Ola Girls for a city break to remember.

Ella International

28th May – 6th June Mallorca, Spain from £144
Ella is a sun drenched lesbian festival on the beach. The festival kicks off with inspirational speeches from successful lesbians (maybe attendees from the “how to be a lesbian icon” workshop, who knows). There are tours and excursions around the old town and a football tournament for those of you in desperate need to wear your sports bra. The festival also offers all kinds of parties, cabarets and dining experiences with tickets available for different days and interests.

So hopefully we’ve convinced you to spend your lesbian summer at a lesbian festival, perhaps we will see you at L Fest or L-Beach? If not we will most likely see you at some LGBT Pride event, we’ll be the ones waving a flag with Gay Shame emblazoned on it. Or we might even be on the main stage with our BFF Heather Peace if we manage to actually become lesbian icons. We’ll keep you posted…

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  1. There is another big festival : Velvet Ibiza ! From June 02-06 in Ibiza . Check

  2. Actually didnt know there were events THIS big :-O

    • Wandering Wives

      We are at L-Beach right now and the atmosphere is great 🙂

  3. What a great blog! If this is what the comedy, travel, lesbian blogger niche is all about I wish there were loads more of you! 😀 Definitely coming back for more 🙂

  4. Mahamedha

    • Wandering Wives

      Looks great! We are already committed to going to L-Beach, ELLA and L-Fest this year, not sure we can manage another one! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Will they let me photograph these festivals?

    • Wandering Wives

      I have no idea, we organised our press passes by emailing the festivals, try that!

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