Our Top Five Live Acts From L Beach 2016

Our Top Five Live Acts From L Beach 2016

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We’ve just returned from a crazy weekend of pool parties, live music, breathable waterproofs, DJ’s and bracing sea air on the Baltic Coast. L Beach is an annual festival now in its seventh year, which brings together around 4000 women in the German resort of Weissenhauser Strand. We didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived at L Beach 2016, aside from the sound of 4000 pairs of comfortable shoes dancing until dawn. We love live music but we weren’t familiar with many of the musicians who were playing. We decided to go with the flow and see as many acts as possible, we had an amazing time and are pleased to say we were blown away by the range of talent at L Beach. We genuinely loved all of these artists and will be updating our music collection immediately. Here are Wandering Wives top five live performances from L Beach 2016:

5. Chefboss

Chefboss were a great surprise for us, we never planned to watch their gig but we are so glad we did. German hip hop doesn’t usually feature that highly on our list of favourite music genres, but the Chefboss chicks brought so much energy to their performance we were jumping around with the crowd and begging for more! It didn’t matter that we couldn’t understand the words to the songs, we were carried along in a wave of excitement and loved every minute of it. They beat some great English speaking acts to a place in our top five live performances at L Beach with their awesome stage presence and enthusiasm. With their team of hot dancers wearing wrestling masks, they not only owned the stage but the whole festival. There is only one word to describe the Chefboss crew: Fierce!

4. Wallis Bird

This striking Irish singer and her enthusiastic band rocked the big top stage. We loved the quirky tunes and upbeat indie feel of the gig. It felt like the performance was a whole lot of fun for everyone involved and that the musicians were as thrilled to be there as we were. At one point the female band member looked like she was having so much fun that we wondered if she was actually part of the show or if she had just crashed the stage with her trumpet and musical egg. We adored her enthusiasm and the whole performance, here’s hoping we can catch Wallis Bird (and her crazy backing band) at a UK gig soon.

Wallis Bird

3. The Dudettes

Dudettes L Beach

The first gig we went to at L Beach was an intimate living room session in the Dudettes bungalow. Ingrid, Cynthia and Zjoly are an ambient indie band from The Netherlands who have been playing together for nine years. This year at L Beach they ventured out of their comfort zone to play daily informal acoustic gigs in their bungalow. Everyone we spoke to at L Beach 2016 loved these girls and their captivating raw talent kept people coming back each day to watch them play. The bungalow sessions proved so popular that the final performance had to be moved outside to allow the growing number of fans to appreciate their show. If you don’t know The Dudettes yet, check them out, because you need them in your life!

L Beach 2016 Dudettes

2. Toby Beard

This Australian folk and blues singer blew us away playing the big top stage on Friday night. Her catchy guitar riffs and passion for performance had the whole arena completely captivated. Listening to Toby’s beautiful voice and heart wrenching lyrics sent chills down our spines and had us breaking out in goosebumps. We got chatting to Toby after the gig and found that not only is she a talented artist she is also really funny. She hails from the salad smuggling state of Western Australia, which made us love her even more. We were a bit drunk, but we think Toby invited us round for dinner, next time we’re in Australia we will have to hold her to that! In the meantime we will be crossing our fingers and hoping for a UK tour.

Toby Beard

1. Peaches

The legendary Peaches headlined L Beach on Saturday night with a show that was eye opening, jaw dropping and mind blowing. She arrived on stage as only a true musical icon can, dressed as a giant vagina (yes, that’s right, a life sized pussy; a human shaped minge; a gargantuan lady garden; a massive tuna canoe). In true Peaches style she soon shed her fancy fanny suit and was semi naked in no time. The performance was expertly delivered with multiple costume changes, raunchy dancers, crowd surfing and more. Our press passes allowed us to watch the show from the front of the arena and we still can’t believe how amazing Peaches was. At the age of 47, she has a body most twenty-some-things would kill for, the voice of a God and a performance talent unrivalled by any live act we’ve seen. She performed a spine tingling tribute to newly departed Prince, belting out Purple Rain to the awe inspired crowd. We met Peaches on the red carpet after the show, we had been told she was being a diva backstage and refusing to meet her fans. But after a performance like that she fully deserved to throw a diva strop and we were surprised she could even stand, let alone pose for pictures. What a woman, what a show, Peaches was simply perfect.

Peaches crowdsurf

So that was the Wandering Wives top five live performances from L Beach 2016. We’ve got a lot to tell you about the rest of the festival, but first we need recover from the fun. L Beach was amazing and German ladies certainly know how to party, now it’s time for a well needed detox!

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