Seven Moments Of Comedy Gold From L Fest 2016

Seven Moments Of Comedy Gold From L Fest 2016

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We’ve just had the time of our lives at L Fest, the UK’s only Lesbian music, arts and comedy festival. There was so much going on at the festival that we didn’t have time to catch everything, but the sketch shows, stand up and cabaret we saw had us laughing out loud. We have to give a special commendation to Jackie Hagan, who we didn’t get to see. Everyone we spoke to was raving about how funny her show was, hopefully we can catch her at another gig.There were also some wonderful comedy moments from the spoken word tent, we’ll be writing about them in a separate article soon. If you love these ladies as much as we do, check out the Women In Comedy Festival happening in Manchester at the end of October, where you can catch many of them plus other hilarious female comics.

Now, without further ado, here are the Wandering Wives top seven moments of comedy gold from L Fest 2016:

7. Jenny Lockyer

Looking like a straight laced primary school teacher, Jenny brought about a mass giggling fit with her guitar based comedy folk songs.


6. Allyson June Smith

Allyson June Smith

Allyson is a sassy stand-up comedian, all the way from Canada, who had the big top pulsating with laughter. Her experience of both male and female exotic dancers are something we’ll be relaying to our friends for years to come.

L Fest Allyson June Smith

5. Toots & Leigh

Mandy “Toots” Tootil and Kerry Leigh joined forces for an afternoon comedy sketch show that had us laughing our socks off. Toots rapping in her Wigan accent was a highlight, we can’t stop watching this video:


4. Debra Jane Appelby

Debra was the opening act for Laughing Cows Comedy. We loved her honest accounts of being happily divorced with grown up kids who won’t move out. If you get a chance to catch one of Debra’s gigs, you might find out what her grandchildren made for her at nursery, we won’t give the game away, but the shock and amusement on people’s faces was priceless.

Debra Jane Appelby

3. Kerry Leigh

If you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at? As compere for the Laughing Cows Comedy set, Kerry got the loudest laugh of the night when she described herself as the love child of Audrey Hepburn and Mr Bean! Admit it, you can see totally see it.

Kerry Leigh

2. Jen Brister

Headlining the comedy at L Fest 2016, Jen Brister brought the house down with her hilarious stories about how having kids has ruined her life. Her witty observational comedy and impressions of her Spanish mum had the whole tent belly laughing and feeling like we’d all been there. We snapped a quick selfie with Jen back stage before she went on. We were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves until she launched into a whole piece about how much she hates selfies! Oops, sorry Jen!

Jen Brister

1. Lara A King and Stacey Stockwell

The only way to improve on Lara Kings hilarious comedy songs, is to add a sign language interpreter and have her sign all of the rude words to the audience. Lara’s lyrics really showed off Stacey’s skills and the audience were treated to some outrageous sign language interpretation. Pure comedy gold from this pair of funny women. Check out the camera shaking from us laughing so much.


Were you at L Fest? Did you see something funny that we might have missed? What was your comedy highlight?

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  1. A j lake

    I totally agree! Never laughed so much.
    Love Alison (I sat next to you at the comedy show!)

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