L Fest’s Best Kept Secrets

L Fest’s Best Kept Secrets

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We’ve already told you about the hilarious comedy and awesome music from L Fest 2016, but we thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of L Fests best kept secrets. L Fest is the friendliest festival we have ever attended, it’s the kind of place you can arrive at alone, yet find yourself leaving with a hundred new chums. This is largely due to the versatility of the festival program; with so much going on there is space for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. Everybody can meet like-minded pals and find something new to talk about.

Away from the thumping bass and the raucous comedy, afternoons in the arts tent were one L Fest’s best kept secrets. The popular spoken word event, aptly named The Cunning Linguist, saw poetic performances from some big names including Rachel Nwokoro the spoken word UK Slam Champion (no, we didn’t know that was a thing either) and Trudy Howson, the LGBT Poet Laureate (yep, that’s her actual job). Having not really paid much attention to poetry since the GCSE Anthology, we were pleasantly surprised by how cool and upbeat the event felt. Our favourite performances were by two of the darlings of the Brighton spoken word scene; Susan Evans and fantastic compere Annabel Pribelszki.

There were all sorts of workshops going on at L Fest, from salsa dancing to poetry writing and gender bending to BDSM. Comedian Lara King hosted a Happiness workshop, there were presentations about parenting options from the ladies at Pride Angel and even a talk on lesbian fashion in the 1990’s. We didn’t go to that session, but judging on the people who came out of it, either lesbian fashion hasn’t changed much or it was a fancy dress event.

We’re not sure if there were several opportunities to try African drumming, or if it was just one continuous drumming workshop that ran for the entire length of the festival. Either way, we were never more than a hundred metres away from a bongo for the whole weekend.

Drumming workshop L Fest

One of the coolest best kept secrets we wished we’d had time to get involved in, was the flash mob. Not as spontaneous as you might think, the L Fest flash-mobbers joined forces to fully choreograph their routine before treating us all to their hidden talents.

Bright and early on Sunday morning, dog lovers got together to celebrate pooch pride at the annual L Fest Dog Show. With prizes for everything from best dressed to fastest dog, there were plenty of gorgeous hounds and ever so proud dog mummies.

Our favourite place to relax at L Fest was in the tranquil surroundings of the L Fest Retreat. The lovely ladies offered all sorts of therapies to revive and rejuvenate weary festival goers. After two nights of partying hard and sleeping on an air bed, we relaxed into our massages a little too comfortably, drooling all over the massage chair! The lovely Bec from Revive in 5 offers a mobile massage service at home, work or for events like L Fest. We tried to convince her to become our own personal travelling masseuse in exchange for good karma, but she suddenly remembered she was fully booked. Forever.

Revive in 5

Every festival has its fair share of food trucks, we love a take away and we have to say we did shop around the various L Fest eateries before settling on our favourite. After a night on the booze, what could be better than deep fried carbohydrate inside two slices of carbohydrate? Fish finger butties were the food of choice at L Fest they kept hungry festival goers partying till dawn and cured many a hangover the following day. The girls at Fish Finger Heaven could certainly give Captain Birdseye a run for his money.

It is important to mention that the best kept secret of the whole event was how hard working and dedicated the L Fest Crew were. Cindy’s green army of helpers worked their little socks off throughout the whole weekend and were always on hand to help. They cooked, cleaned, checked tickets, directed traffic, pitched tents, manned doggy day care (oh yes, that’s a thing), rode bikes, managed stages, looked after bands, they even managed to source some of the more peculiar items on the riders for the headline acts. These eager beavers did all this and more, come rain or shine, with smiles on their faces. L Fest Crew, we salute you!

L Fest Crew

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  1. It was great fun! Thanks, Southampton old lady! Susan

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