Hi! We’re Wandering Wives; comedy lesbian travel bloggers who travel the world, writing hilarious stories about our adventures.

A comedy lesbian travel blog? We hear you ask. What on earth is that? We don’t know. We never set out to be comedy lesbian travel bloggers. We just started writing about our travels and people starting laughing at us. Somehow we ended up defining a niche which no one knew existed.

So here we are, Wandering Wives, bringing our invaluable insights to the (very small) comedy lesbian travel blog community. So whether you’re a traveller, a lesbian, a comedy fan or someone else defining your own tiny niche, welcome to Wandering Wives!

So now you know about our very specific genre, it’s time to get to know us a little bit more. We are Emily and Sian Davies, a lesbian couple from the UK who woke up one morning in February 2013 and decided to get married. Seven months later we happily became Mrs and Mrs.

The Wandering Wives

We come from the generation of working class kids who were promised high flying careers after university graduation, only to enter the work place in a failing economy with £50k of student debt between us.

Having spent the years since graduation working in a variety of unfulfilling jobs completely unrelated to our qualifications, we decided we needed more from life and it was time to go out and get it.

On the verge of completing on a house sale and saddling ourselves with a 25 year mortgage, we woke up one morning and took a giant u-turn, sold everything we owned and bought two one way tickets to the other side of the world.

We are off on a journey; laughing until it hurts, sleeping under the stars and waking up every morning to find happiness, the ocean, sunshine and adventure.

Thank you for visiting our blog and taking the time to find out about us. Please take a look around and let us know what you think. Perhaps you are interested in the often literal pitfalls of using a squat toilet. Or maybe you need advice on over packing. You might be thinking of volunteering or buying an awesome campervan to travel in. Maybe you just want to look at some funny signs from around the world, it’s OK, we’re not here to judge you. Take your time, get to know us and if you ever meet any other comedy lesbian travel bloggers do let us know.

If you think we’re amazing and want more of our comedy lesbian travel blog adventures, you can connect with us on social media. If you really love us and want to be our best friends forever, you can contact us.