India is a vibrant patchwork of colourful saris and awe inspiring landscapes. Rickshaw drivers navigate tightly packed cities, squeezing past roaming cows and street vendors selling all sorts of fragrant foods. Epic adventures lie around every corner and the country is sure to ignite a sense of wonder in all who visit.

Lonely planet India

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From camel safaris in Rajasthan to house-boating in Kerala this vast country is filled with bucket list destinations and great for travellers on a limited budget. Take a train ride through the heart of the country passing rural villages and beautiful countryside. Relax on the many beaches of Goa, marvel at the Taj Mahal or visit tea plantations high in the hills.

Ancient temples, mosques and churches showcase the deep spirituality and rich religious traditions of the nation. Opulent palaces and giant forts are the mainstay of dusty cities and old colonial outposts steeped in tradition.